Foundation, radiant floor tubes and slab:
Installing drain lines
Once the footings were poured, the foundation walls were built to a level grade.

Next the plumbing drain lines were installed. The house is designed with all the plumbing located in one central area to feed two bathrooms and the kitchen. Harvey Harman advised a practical way to install the drain lines for optimal efficiency. Barry Rhodes oversaw the assembly and joint construction to ensure proper flow and connection

A soil compaction test required gravel to fill in the foundation. Soil was removed and 150 tons of gravel replaced it.

This will provide a sturdier foundation as well as some added thermal mass for the radiant floor heat.

Here you can see Ron Williams ensuring the drain lines are properly supported with the compact stone to ensure once concrete is poured the drain lines will not move or fracture during the pour.


Gravel foundation


Finished foundation ready for radiant floor pipe installation.

Gravel foundation


Building partners:

  • Foundation & slab - Ron Williams, Pro-Site Services, LLC
    1203 Alma Street, Durham, NC 27703. Tel: 919 308-5555

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