Well, septic and walkways:

We cleared only the minimal amount of trees for the well company, WW Maness, to install the well. It was drilled directly through rock, at the location they recommended. They had to go very deep (over 500 ft) through rock to reach 1 gallon/minute, which is something that cannot be predicted until you start drilling. The positive is that it should provide good quality, filtered water.

Update: June 2015 Water has been tested bi-annually over the years and is still pure, top quality. Negative for organic contaminants, bacteria, pesticides nor chemicals. We're very happy we have a deep well!

digging well

Misunderstandings are the number one cause of grief in building your home. Our case in point was having this well drilled. We thought the $8.50/foot included the pump and hook up to the house. What we did not realize was this was just for digging the hole. (We had a well dug 20 miles north of here 5 years ago, at $6.50/foot including pump, pipe and wiring).

In fairness to Maness, their reputation of customer service is what led us to go with them. Their existing customers come first - they put service calls ahead of new customers. They did reduce our bill some and if we have to dig another well in the future, they offered their services at a reduced price. The conclusion is the money spent is well worth it and we would still highly recommend this company and its outstanding quality of service.
Glen Hinshaw of T&G Backhoe installed our septic tank and field. He did an oustanding job at a very reasonable price. We are very happy with the result. Glen also did our gravel driveway.

Concrete pads were poured at each doorway and walkways built from the parking area for a clean transition into the house. The conrete also adds thermal mass when in the future we add a greenhouse/sunroom.

Although this makes a steepish slope, there are no steps into the house so it is handicap accessible and makes wheeling in heavy groceries a joy!

Adding to the variety of colors in our home, we chose terrocotta for the concrete to reduce the clinical and glaring look of white/grey concrete. It made a lovely border for our garden that first summer, making it easy to pick vegetables from the path.

Building partners:

  • Well - WW Maness & Sons, Siler City. Tel: 663 3891

  • Septic System - Glen Hinshaw, T&G Backhoe & Co. Inc.
    5579 Siler City Snow Camp Road, Siler City, NC 27344
    Tel: 919 742-4130 Cell: 336 516 2343

  • Walkways and paths - Ron Williams, Pro-Site Services, LLC
    1203 Alma Street, Durham, NC 27703. Tel: 919 308-5555

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