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Documenting our Project Home step by step:

  • We'll photograph each system as it is installed and post these images for vendors, builders and homebuyers to see. Photos will be posted on the website.
  • These products will be in the actual home. They will get everyday wear and tear unlike a test and simulations that show only part of the picture.
  • We will share our findings with consumers and manufacturers alike about how products perform.
  • The Building Team: All the companies involved in the building system will be featured on this website with links to their websites and/or contact information regarding the specific products or services used.
  • An account of how difficult the product is to use and install to meet manufacturers' guidelines will be posted as well.

Monitoring Results.
For a period of no less than 3 years
the home will be monitored and results posted on this website to show:

1. Energy use - Alternative and on-grid energy.

2. Water use - three separate meters showing well water used, rainwater used and the third meter to show any potable water that would be required to carry the alternative system in times of little or no rainfall.

3. Comfort of home - anti-draft products, ambient temp inside in relation to outside with thermostat set at constant temperature for each season.

4. Any results of products used - durability, IAQ, success or failure of products as time and use progress.


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