Project Home
Greentree Ecologically Friendly Community
Siler City, Chatham County, North Carolina

Greentree Pond

Project Home Mission Statement:

To build a lived-in Project Home that is green, energy efficient, healthy
and provides a unique reflection of how building products
and materials work in real-life situations. Test results will be posted on website.

The home will feature:

  • Hydronic radiant floor heat powered by a water stove using wood and alternative fuel;
  • Domestic hot water will be heated by the water stove using wood and alternative fuel;
  • The water systems will be both potable and non-potable to conserve natural resources and take advantage of rainwater. A separate rainwater recovery system will catch stormwater in a cistern for landscape needs and to flush the toilets.
  • Quality construction for long term durability.
  • Green building materials to minimize off gassing and improve IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and cut the dependency on chemically treated products.
  • Ecologically friendly developing using design technologies that have the least impact on the environment.

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Contact information:
Harrelson's Home Improvement Company
Mike Harrelson Tel: 336 317 3166 - Project Manager
Judy S. Harrelson Tel: 336 580-2460 -
Research & Coordination with Manufacturers