Windows and Doors (cont):

Window installation
Window is securely nailed in place from the outside.

Window installation
Window Wrap is then added around the frame of the window on the outside of the home. Tyvek shown pushed back on the top frame of the window. The window wrap is used to flash along the top edge of the window frame UNDER the Tyvek. This ensures water cannot leak into the house.

We are using Gorell Armor Glass® Plus windows. Gorell is the only window manufacturer to win the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year four years running - for 2004-2007
. Gorell is also partnered with National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).
Gorell's Armor Glass® Plus is designed to keep intruders out. This is the window shown in the commercials withstanding blow after blow with a baseball bat! After we purchased them, we were so impressed, we have decided to sign up as dealers.

Doors are installed much the same way with the Tyvek stapled back onto the inside studs and window wrap installed completely around the door frame.
Door installation

Building partners:

  • Windows - Gorell Armor Glass Plus, Pennsylvania.
  • Window and Door Installation - Harrelson's Home Improvement Company.

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