Colors and Lighting (cont):
We have a variety of lighting fixtures in the kitchen (368SF). In the winter, because it gets dark early, when we built the house in 2006, we used halogen bulbs to add intense task lighting. These bulbs put off heat, but that was beneficial to whomever is working directly under them in winter, and that then minimizes the use of forced air heat. A few years later, after we monitored the overall energy use, we decided to switch out some of the halogen bulbs for LED. LED provides the same amount of lumens without the heat.

We try to remember to turn off lights in rooms not being used.

Bright colors and good lighting

Bright colors and good lighting The two 13 watt compact fluorescents over the sink with the tangy lemon color of the wall puts out ample light in the evening. In the summertime, these compact fluorescent fixtures provide plenty of task lighting with the natural sunlight.

For the remainder of the house we use compact fluorescent bulbs in ceiling, desk and floor lamps.

Fans are installed in most every room for energy efficiency. In summer, the breeze allows us to use less A/C, and in the winter the fans distribute the heat back through the room.

Craftmade Energy Star® Ceiling fans were recommended by cousin,TJ Tindall at the Light Gallery in Princeton, New Jersey for their quality of performance, energy efficiency and quiet operation. The reason we didn't buy locally for this product is that we wanted to support our family member and these fans have been tried and tested effectively in the N.E.

Bright colors and good lighting

Building partners:

  • Paint colors - Judy Sharman Harrelson, Harrelson's Home Improvement Company.
  • Lighting and Fans- Harrelson's Home Improvement Company and TJ Tindall, The Light Gallery,
    Princeton Shopping Center, Princeton NJ 08540 Tel: 609 924-6878 or Cell: 609 658-6481

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