Foundation, radiant floor tubes and slab (cont):

After a plastic moisture barrier was placed on the gravel, ½" Vanguard Hydronic tubes were securely fastened to a metal frame with nylon cable ties.
Radiant heat tubes


Installing radiant tubes


Radiant Floor tubes

Three different zones all connect together to provide even floor heating.

Radiant pipes PSI guage
The pipes were air pressurized to 20 psi. This gauge will be monitored during the pouring of the slab and during the entire construction process to ensure pressure remains constant without leaks and that there is no damage to the tubes from any phase of the construction.

Radiant floor heat pipes are installed. Now ready for slab to be poured.

Radiant Floor tubes

Building partners:

  • Radiant Floor Pipes - MJ or Wayne, Carolina Water Systems Supply, Inc.,
    211A E. Dameron Avenue, Liberty NC Tel: 336 622-6969
  • Radiant Floor Pipe Installation - Harrelson's Home Improvement Company
  • Foundation & slab - Ron Williams, Pro-Site Services, LLC
    1203 Alma Street, Durham, NC 27703. Tel: 919 308-5555

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