How and Why Project Home was born

Harrelson Home Improvement Company and Earth Renewal Shelter attended the
2005 National Home Builders Show in Florida.
When we attempted to review and compare the more than 20,000 items being offered,
we found ourselves wondering how some products help in 'real-life' applications.

Tests often seemed unrealistic and did not test the product as it would actually be used.

For Example:

  • It's nice to know that a No. 2 pencil can withstand several hundred pounds of pressure in the vertical position but that is not the purpose for which it is manufactured. Testing its vertical pressure endurance does not tell the pencil user how well it will perform as a writing instrument.
  • Likewise, testing a pex pipe by bending it back and forth until it breaks does not necessarily reveal how it responds to normal use. A valid test might be to energize this pipe under more than normal pressure or hotter than normal water temperature over an extended period of time.
  • As part of our on-going product quality study, we will look at how well products hold up under normal use as they are designed and we'll consider their compatibility with other materials. For example, pressure treated lumber corrodes common nails even though they work fine independently.

Harrelson Home Improvement Company wanted to provide builders, home product vendors and home buyers with a unique opportunity to see real-life application and the long-term durability of Green and Energy Star® products under actual living conditions of a home where they will be installed and actively used.

Mike Harrelson of Harrelson Home Improvement Company built Project Home in one of the Earth Renewal Shelter developments.

Our technical resources were an integral part of each phase by offering their experience and knowledge of construction, energy conservation and environmentally friendly building techniques. Coming soon...the people and resources we relied upon.



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